mental health picture

Many people facing criminal charges also have special needs such as mental health problems.  I have special knowledge and ability regarding mental health issues, and the ways that mental illness can affect a person, as well as the conduct of a trial. This knowledge is essential to my ability to strongly protect my client, and to help my client make the right decisions for their defence.

Often, I can negotiate for a client to complete a mental health diversion program, and that way to avoid a criminal record. When mental health diversion is not an option, problem solving and addressing the underlying issues can help to achieve a favourable outcome to charges, while avoiding the stress, extra expense and uncertainty of a trial.

Many of my clients are referred to me by psychiatrists, family doctors, social workers and other lawyers who know my strength in advocating for clients who have special needs.

I am extremely patient and I help my clients feel comfortable. I am a good listener, but I am also a strong and persistent advocate for clients who have special needs such as mental health issues.